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Training at your site: Tom will come to your facility to train your employees. This ensures that all employees and management receive the same training. We believe it is crucial that everyone is on the same page in regards to better understanding how HIPAA and HITECH really can impact your organization.

This option also provides your employees the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Tom, presenting specific scenarios and receiving suggestions or solutions on the spot. This is overwhelmingly the most popular training option. This is charged ‘per session’ and there is no limit to how many people can attend a session, other than the size of the room that you will have the training take place in.

Certificates of Achievement will be given, and this option will allow for your company logo to be included. These are great for displaying, especially as the first stop of a tour of your facility with either prospective clients or existing clients. These can also give you a competitive edge, provided your competitors do not have these to show.

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Training in Grand Rapids, MI

This option is more of a ‘train the trainer’ option. You can send people to Grand Rapids, MI for the training. Although it may appear to be a more cost effective method, it eliminates the interaction between Tom and your employees that so many companies prefer. The trainers would be responsible for completely repeating the session information to your employees.

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This web-based training option is convenient for you, user-friendly, interactive, and a certificate can be printed upon successful completion. All payment is through PayPal. It is currently available in English and Spanish. The charge for this option is ‘per individual’. You can register your employees and they have 5 days to complete the Training.

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Video conferencing

This option would allow you to potentially engage more than one facility for a session. Tom would provide the training ‘live’ and it can be sent across the internet to train many locations at once.


Tom has performed several of these events. You could invite both current clients and potential clients for these half day HIPAA Educational Sessions. If these are held at your facility, it will provide you an opportunity to provide a tour, talk about the specifics of what you do and the services that you provide to show your knowledge of the industry to many people at once. These events can result in gaining new clients and also help to better position your company as the HIPAA experts in your marketplace.

Regardless which option you choose, Tom will also send periodic email updates to you when there is anything going on in the legislative world that you should be aware of.

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